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Willkommen to Clifton Heights

This mural celebrates the ongoing preservation and revitalization of Clifton Heights, one of Cincinnati’s most diverse and unique urban communities. Iconic structures and scenes like Old St. George, Hughes High School and blooming Bradford pear ... Read more

Bridging Tusculum

This mural celebrates Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood and its stunning architecture. The color and style, inspired by the “Painted Ladies” and their ornate flourishes, are surrounded by the natural beauty of the nearby hills and ... Read more

An Epic of Time and Town

Designed like pages of a storybook, each panel of this mural illustrates the people and places of Covington. Children explore various art forms in the company of Covington’s historic figures, residents and mischievous, colorful animals who lead ... Read more

What Are the Lyrics to Your Song?

Drawing from the unique history of Evanston, this mural honors the history of King Records and hopes to inspire today's youth. The mural's imagery, a man and a young girl on his shoulders, embodies the empowering history of the community and the ... Read more

The Raymond Thunder-Sky Legacy Mural

This mural was designed by Antonio Adams as a tribute to Raymond Thunder-Sky, known as the colorful construction clown who traveled around the city with his hard hat and tool box filled with art supplies. Raymond was a self-taught artist who visited ... Read more

Daybreak in O’Bryonville

An abundance of flowers and green space fill this mural with a garden-like elegance inspired by nearby Owl’s Nest Park. Painted in an Art Nouveau style, this mural transforms a once empty space into one filled with beauty and color. Thanks ... Read more

Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat

This mural features a true Cincinnati original, Jim Tarbell, dressed as Peanut Jim Shelton, the peanut vendor who famously served his customers wearing a tuxedo and top hat at the old Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium. Here, Mr. Tarbell is ... Read more

The Vision of Samuel Hannaford

A portrait of Samuel Hannaford rests on blueprints symbolic of his architectural legacy in the City of Cincinnati. Through the window, past the balcony of this building, designed by Hannaford himself, is a view of his prominent landmarks Music ... Read more

Pride in the ‘Ville

This mural opens a series of windows into the South Cumminsville community, illuminating values of family, tradition and neighborhood pride. The vibrant colors and magical design celebrate local people and places with an energy and commitment to a ... Read more

East Walnut Hills Legacy

This mural adds to the ongoing revitalization and preservation of East Walnut Hills. Imagery and color schemes alternate to create visual interest and highlight historical photos of the neighborhood. The photos are presented in sepia and juxtapose ... Read more