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The Divine Proportion of All Things

This mural celebrates the bounty of the land and interconnected elements of life: water, earth and air which symbolize how a community depends on each other to live in harmony. The mural comes alive with rich color, achieved by layering glazes of ... Read more

Riverside Rides

This mural is a celebration of Eastern Avenue as a transportation thoroughfare that has made the neighborhood what it is today. From trains to streetcars and tall stacks to classic cars, East End’s heritage shines. Thanks to the Pendleton ... Read more

Ice Cream Daydream

This fantastical mural brings youthful energy and vibrancy to the district of Over-the-Rhine. A love for color and candy awaken the imagination where a diamond sun rains strawberries on a dessert-filled garden. Thanks to Eden Floral Boutique.

All You Can Imagine Is Real

Resting upon North Fairmount’s history and surroundings, two larger-than-life portraits stand to represent the diverse community, the elders and the youth. Together they open pages of a book to a bright image of the sun illuminating a path to a ... Read more

A Day in the Life of Sayler Park

Sayler Park prides itself on its small town atmosphere, with deep family and community ties and unique architectural and natural beauty. This mural is designed like a scrapbook honoring past and present life in Sayler Park. In partnership with ... Read more

Westwood Story

Westwood is a story of people. This mural highlights key neighborhood residents from different time periods with native trees dividing each: a Shawnee Native American, Phillip Longworth, James Gamble, and a teacher and two youth representing ... Read more