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Savoring the magic of BLINK 2022: Thank you, Cincinnati!


We’re still recuperating and buzzing from the energy of BLINK 2022. Words can’t express our gratitude to so many folks—the artists, partners, sponsors, locals, visitors, vendors…the list goes on. We want to take a moment to highlight everyone who helped the magic of ArtWorks shine during the unforgettable festival. When they say it takes a village, this is what we mean⬇️!!

Special Thanks:

Justin Brookhart


Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber


Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation

Ish Festival

Cincy Nice

MASARY Studios

Joe Walsh

Adia Eagle

Nata Thiam 

Sylvie Tiro

Eva Robles

Shantell Martin

Jim Tucker

Alyssa Baker

Miles Brueggemeyer

Katelyn Detwiler

Ella Emanuel

Hannah Feibelman

Maria Hart

Savannah Innes

Anjel Robinson

Trinity Stewart 

Sophie VonLehman

Graff Mapping

Golden Brown 

Jason Snell

Jim Cunningham


Kyle Eli Ebersole

J. Miles Wolf

Lindsay Tatman Creative

Shout out to the original mural teams:

Mr. Dynamite

Designer: Jenny Ustick

Project Manager:

Jenny Ustick

Teaching Assistants:

Derek Toebbe, Christopher Beiting

Youth Apprentices:

Braylyn Bell, Kyree Clark, Miles Brueggemeyer, Noah Catalan, ShaiAnn Pendleton, Wilfredo Vargas, Juliana Hofmann, Meghan Jones, Jonathan Logan, Edwin Miller, Katelan Thomas, Taylor Helms


Ezzard Charles: The Cincinnati Cobra


Jason Snell

Project Manager:

Nathan Weikert

Teaching Assistants:

Allison Smith, Robin Carnes

Youth Apprentices:

William Condon, Jayla Curtis, Hannah Donovan, Gine Erardi, Mileek Williams, Graham


Cincinnati Toy Heritage mural


Jonathan Queen

Project Manager:

Paul Loehle

Teaching Assistants:

Derek Alderfer, Mary Claus, Jim Effler, Cori Oglton, Nick Scrimenti & Tammy Stephens

Youth Apprentices:

Cayce Cobaugh, Jayla Curtis, Kinsey Downs, Max William Freyberger, Britney Greer, John Hadley, Taylor Helms, Christopher Kuhne, Andrew Kuprionis, Hannah McGovney, Marian Scruggs, Sophie Schiff, Donald Sherman, Veronica White & Clover Queen

About ArtWorks

Since 1996, ArtWorks has collaborated with community organizations and residents, businesses, governments, foundations, and nonprofits to build creative works of art that built the Greater Cincinnati region’s global reputation as an arts destination. ArtWorks has employed and trained over 3,500 professional artists and 4,000 youth, ages 14 – 24. We invest in our creative economy by creating jobs that support local talent, pairing professional artists to inspire and mentor diverse teams of youth, helping them build 21st-century career-readiness skills. Over the past 26 years, this collaborative approach has created a citywide gallery with more than 14,000 public and private art projects, including more than 250 permanent outdoor murals.