Public Art

Momo SHP Mural

ArtWorks and nationally recognized architecture, design and engineering firm SHP have teamed up to ignite downtown with a new dynamic and eye-catching mural, the first mural designed by American artist MOMO in Cincinnati.

MOMO gained recognition from designing large-scale murals on buildings around the world. This new soaring mural expertly showcases his unique style with swaths of color and abstract forms rising 90 feet on the Sycamore Place building, located at the corner of Sycamore and 7th Street.

The artist’s style is self-described as concrete or nonrepresentational, developed over a 15-year process of refining a vocabulary of color sequences and half-tones. “This unique composition for Cincinnati is intended to reach people like visual music without lyrics. There’s nothing representational, just the sensual qualities of color, harmony and rhythm. I’m excited to have ArtWorks bring this design to life for this gorgeous city,” said MOMO.

315 E. 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Adrienne Dixon, Thomas Osorio

Fiona Flanigan
Samara Fluker
Kamryn Green
Angela Ramirez
Alex Tanveer
Violet Underhill
Nora Bower
Audrey Carranza
Ellen Casey
Piper Petry
Shelby Ivins


Devin Grimm