Public Art


As a part of the 2022 FotoFocus Biennial (“World Record”), Perspectives is a photo-based mixed media mural that celebrates Black iconography, culture, expression, and joy. Produced in partnership by Mz. Icar, an anonymous interdisciplinary art collective, and ArtWorks, Perspectives is informed by the collection of oral histories and archival photographs from residents of Walnut Hills, a Cincinnati neighborhood with an incredibly rich Black history. The creation process of the work includes not only neighborhood engagement, but also the employment of six local Youth Apprentices under the mentorship of both Mz. Icar and an ArtWorks Teaching Artist. This highly collaborative mural is a powerful record of Black voices and histories, past and present. The mural acts as prideful gateway into the Walnut Hills neighborhood. 

Mz. Icar
The Dillard Building, 791 East McMillan St., Walnut Hills

Kai Rassi, Briana Edmond, Emma Ennis, Belle Minesinger, Mackenzie Sexton, JJ Kampinga III

FotoFocus Biennial, The Dillard Center, ArtsWave, Ohio Arts Council, and the city of Cincinnati

Anissa Pulcheon