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New for 2019!


The Heart of Pendleton

New for our 2019 tour season, The Heart of Pendleton highlights 10 murals in the community of Pendleton. Discover new favorites along this brand new route. This tour is about one mile long and does include steep hills and some cobblestone. The tour is approximately 90 minutes long. Featured murals include New Lines Phase II: Bolivar Alley, Democracyand Dreaming Blues. Don’t miss this new tour opportunity! All tours begin and end at ArtWorks’ Office, 20 E. Central Parkway.

This tour is offered on Sundays.

A full list of the featured murals:

  1. Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt
  2. Ice Cream Daydream
  3. Ralph Steadman’s pieces, Democracy and That’s My Dad – “That’s Somebody Else’s Dad” & “Hundreds of Feet”
  4. Main Street Collages
  5. New Lines Phase I
  6. Dreaming Blues
  7. It’s Your Thing
  8. Pendleton Mapped
  9. New Lines Phase II: Bolivar Alley
  10. The Queen Shares

Spirit of Over-the-Rhine

The classic Spirit of OTR walking tour is around a mile long and includes 11 murals in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood including Faces of Homelessness, The Golden Muse, The Cincinnati Strongman: Henry Holtgrewe, Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt and many more. Learn the stories behind each mural and how they connect to Cincinnati’s oldest and most historic neighborhood. The Spirit of OTR tour is approximately 90 minutes long. The tour starts and ends at ArtWorks’ office, 20 E. Central Parkway.

This tour is offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

A full list of the featured murals:

  1. Tarbell Tips His Hat
  2. Canal at Vine Street
  3. The Vision of Samuel Hannaford
  4. The Golden Muse
  5. Faces of Homelessness
  6. Cincinnati Strong Man: Henry Holtgrewe
  7. Emerge
  8. No Place Like Home
  9. Energy and Grace
  10. Ice Cream Daydream
  11. Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt

Soul of Downtown

The Soul of Downtown walking tour is just over a mile long and covers 11 murals in downtown Cincinnati, including Homecoming (Bluebirds), Fiona and Bibi at the Cincinnati Zoo, Armstrong and many more. The tour is approximately 90 minutes long. The tour starts and ends at ArtWorks’ office at 20 E. Central Parkway.

This tour is offered on Saturdays.

A full list of the featured murals:

  1. What’s Happening Downtown
  2. Fresh Harvest
  3. Homage to Cincinnatus Restoration
  4. The Face of the Arts
  5. Cincinnati Toy Heritage
  6. Fiona and Bibi at the Cincinnati Zoo
  7. Cincinnati’s Table
  8. Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon
  9. Armstrong
  10. Self-Portrait, Elizabeth Nourse
  11. Homecoming (Blue Birds)

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