Public Art

This past summer, a team of 6 youth Apprentices worked together with teaching artists and professional videographers to create 3 videos showcasing the resources and culture of support for creative entrepreneurs in Cincinnati.

Over the course of 7 weeks, the Apprentices learned how to work together as a crew, how to shoot and edit video, and how to interview subjects. They took the assignment from ArtWorks and worked together as a professional creative team to make the following 3 videos.

Creative Enterprise: The Resources

“If somebody sees something interesting happening, everybody wants to help make it happen and that’s one of the really great things about being in Cincinnati..There’s easy access to manufacturing and there’s a chance to really scale your company easily.” -Matt Anthony, First Batch

Find out what’s available. Tap the resources. Start something.


Creative Enterprise: Brush Factory – A Case Study

“There’s a lot of buzz now. There’s a lot of interesting things happening [in Cincinnati], there are a lot of business connections and a rich tradition and history of craft and making things. it’s also a great home base for the manufacturing community; there are a lot of resources nearby. Everyone is interested in helping the other guy out; they just want to work with you because you’re in the area… everybody is down to help and I think that’s unique. There’s a real community that’s just fantastic and really helpful.”
-Hayes Shanesy, Brush Factory

See what they do. Discover who they do it with. Find out how they got it done.


Creative Enterprise: The Apprentice Experience

“I’m most excited about using a medium that I’ve never been exposed to before. I’ve never done much with film, but I’m really interested. I want to gain knowledge of how to use the equipment and the technical skills surrounding film, but also how to compose it so it’s aesthetically pleasing and it flows well. I want to learn the whole process.”  -Jesse Carson, 15

Watch what they learned. See what they gained. Hear what they’ll take with them.



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